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Cop 22 Morocco 2016

cop22 Morocco 2016Cop 22 (Conference of Parties) is a series of yearly conferences on global warming, and which is falls within the continuity of the world summits on the climatic changes organized by the organization of the United Nations following the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, a supported by the Organism of the United Nations for Food and Agriculture. The conference of Marrakech (Cop-22) will take place in Marrakech between the 7 and 18 of November of 2016 and it will be presided by the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar.

Plan for the Cop 22 Morocco

The COP 22 will take place in a site of 25 hectares in Bab Ighli in the center of Marrakech, and it will be divided in 4 zones:

  • Blue zone destined to the General Secretariat of the UNFCCC
  • Zone for work and meetings
  • zone for innovations
  • zone for civil societies

Moroccan staff in charge of the Cop 22 Morocco

  • The Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs Salaheddine Mezouar: - President of Committee of Management of the Cop 22
  • The high commissioner of Waters and Forests and in the Fight against Desertification (HCEFLCD)), Abdelaadim Lhafi, named general delegate of the COP 22.
  • The president of the Economic, social and environmental Council, Nizar Baraka, named President of the Scientific Committee of the COP 22
  • Hakima El Haité, current Minister of Environment, is named Special Emissary of Morocco
  • Aziz Mekouar, former ambassador of Morocco in the United States, is named Negotiating ambassador.
  • Driss Yazami, current president of the National Council of Human Rights (CNDH), -In charge of relationship with civil society.
  • Abdeslam Bikrat, current Wali Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz region, -In charge of logistics.

The COP22 which will take place in Marrakech in the end of 2016 is one opportunity for the Atlantic Sub-Saharan territory, Guelmim Oued Noun, the Grand Sud Maroc, and all the Kingdom to enhance the commitments for the climate change, thus providing "the opportunity of developing its own operational tools in the frame of the Plan Paris-Lima after Paris-Marrakech" according to Hakima el Haite, Moroccan Minister of the Environment who has indicated during the conference of Lima in December 2014 before the General Meeting , that "Lima is the COP of negotiations, Paris is that of the decisions", but the COP22, scheduled in Marrakech, will be "that of the actions".

The contribution of Southern Morocco and Atlantic Sub-Saharan for the COP 22 Morocco 2016

Southern Morocco, especially, the Atlantic Sub-Saharan territory, Guelmim Oued Noun and the Great Southern Morocco have launched great projects to be in line with that world climate event. We can name:

  • Solar Center Noor in Ouarzazate which is registered in the frame of the national plan of renewable energy, which must be achieved in 2020, with the objective of obtaining the 45% of the electricity of Morocco with Wind energy or a combination of renewable energies. It will be the biggest thermodynamic solar plant of the world
  • Wind field of Tarfaya
  • Solar Plant of the Province of Tata
  • Geoparc of Jbel Bani – Anti atlas,
  • RTDGJB Réseau de Tourisme Durable du Géoparc of Jbel Bani
  • Géo éco tourisme en Région de Guelmim Oued Noun.

Geo-tourisme capacity of the anti atlas region of Jbel bani and the hinterland sous sahara atlantic